Accountability to the Minister of Health

The College has a duty to protect the public. It is accountable to the Minister of Health to fulfill that duty. The Minister monitors College activities through the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) annual reporting tool to ensure:

Click here to visit the College Performance Measurement Framework webpage and read CDO's CPMF submissions.

Fair and Objective Registration Practices

The College is also accountable to the Fairness Commissioner for transparent, objective, impartial and fair registration practices. When requested, the College reports to the Fairness Commissioner on the results and processes of our registration practices. The registration review must demonstrate:

  1. that College requirements for registration are necessary for the practice of dietetics in Ontario;
  2. efficiency and timeliness of registration decision-making; and
  3. the reasonableness of registration fees.
Click here to access the College's archive of Fair Registration Practices Reports.