Council is currently composed of 13 councillors: seven councillors who are Registered Dietitians elected by members of the College and six public councillors appointed by order in Council as approved by the Provincial Cabinet. Together, they set the direction for the College's work and make decisions in the best interest of the public.

  • Ann Watt RD, District 1: South Western
  • Lesia Kicak RD, District 2: Central Western
  • Donna Hennyey RD, District 3: GTA/York
  • Denis Tsang RD, Vice President District 3: GTA/York
  • Kerri LaBrecque RD, President District 4: Eastern
  • Julie Slack RD, District 6: North Western
  • Anahita Djalilvand RD, District 7: Central


  • Brenda Murphy
  • John Regan
  • Israel Ogbechie
  • Raynold D'Sa
  • Santhikumar Chandrasekharan
  • Sharanjit Padda