Each year, registrants are elected to the Board by the members of the profession. Elected registrants serve a three-year term beginning on the first day of the June Board meeting (first meeting of the term) and ending after three years on the day before the first meeting of the term.
The College is gradually reducing the number of professional directors elected to the Board to 6 by 2025. Aligning with regulatory best practices, this change is anticipated to create parity between the number of elected professional directors and appointed public directors to achieve a balanced public-professional perspective.

Prior to 2024, registrants were elected to the Board from one of seven geographical districts. As of 2024, professional directors will be elected from a single, Ontario-wide electoral district. Geographical and practice diversity remain important factors in Board composition and have been incorporated into the Board’s Competency and Attribute Framework. This framework identifies the desired mix of knowledge, skills and experience needed by the Board to support the work of the College.

application process

Registrants interested in running for election are required to meet the eligibility requirements, submit an application form, complete the orientation module and pass the assessment by the deadline specified by the College. Application packages are screened for completion and initial eligibility requirements. Eligible applications are then screened by the Governance Committee against the Compentency and Attribute Framework to determine whether the applicant meets the criteria to run for election.

For more information about the application process and the expectations of Board directors, please consult the Election Guide.
All application requirements must be met and received by the College by the deadline for a registrant to be considered for the election.
Please submit applications and direct questions to

Election date and voting

Annual Board elections are held on the third Wednesday in April. Registrants who are eligible to vote will receive a ballot by email 30 days before the election date, along with information about the candidates and voting instructions.

Key election dates - 2024

Key Election Dates

Call for applications begins January 18
Application period January 18 – February 16
Candidates notified of application screening results March 3
Deadline to withdraw election candidacy March 13
Voting period March 18 – April 17
Voting deadline April 17 at 5pm
Term begins June 20

Election Results

Following the election, candidates will be notified of the results. The results will then be made public on our website and social media channels.