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crown is Apollo's,

The heavens are out in fleeces,

The grasses one vast underhum.

So hard was earth an eyewink back:

As though they caught a broken clue;

A sightless heaven, a shaven land.

When ashen he lies and the poets arise to sing of the work he has

Nor less the stars have round it than its flowers.

Where flocks now bleat and sprouts the clod.

Their tricks beneath the father sun,

The blotting cloud a dappled pack,

by him shall be written,

A sightless heaven, a shaven land.

Apparition is then of a monstertask, in a policy carving new

Their faces are a glass to greet

And speed the service of the nest;

What cowering angel and what upright beast

Thought of the girl we love from cold.

Who sees what tomb a white night built,

Ashine with the light of the doing of right:at the gates of the

They rarely meet; one soars, one walks retired.

Sprung of the father blood, the mother brain,

And bird he starved, he stiffened worm;

Her shivering Spring feigned fast asleep,

That her sons over seas in a rally of praise may behold a thrice

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