Jurisprudence and Professional Practice Resources Updated

Posted: August 26, 2019

Publié le 26 August 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Jurisprudence Handbook for Dietitians in Ontario is now replaced by a comprehensive section on our website called Jurisprudence and Professional Practice Resources.

Each key topic that was covered in the Jurisprudence Handbook now has its own web page, enriched with the key documents you should know about such as College standards, guidelines and key resources. You’ll also find additional resources, such as newsletter articles and videos, to complement them. In the next few months, we will review the scenarios and quizzes originally published in Jurisprudence Handbook and post them there, too.

This means that there is no longer a PDF version of the Jurisprudence Handbook available on the College website. The PDF version is replaced by the Jurisprudence and Professional Practice Resources.  These resources will be used as references for the Jurisprudence Knowledge and Assessment Tool (the JKAT).

Why the Change

Since the publication of the Jurisprudence Handbook, jurisprudence and College resources have increased considerably making it impractical to continue keeping the jurisprudence handbook up-to-date and complete. We recommend that dietitians reference the College standards, guidelines and policies for information about record keeping,  consent, conflict of interest, boundary issues and other topics.

How to Access the Jurisprudence and Professional Practice Section

We strongly encourage dietitians to rely on the curated Jurisprudence and Professional Practice Resources for information. To access them:
If you have any comments or suggestions, we look forward to hearing them. Please contact the Practice Advisory Service at
416-598-1725 / 1-800-668-4990, ext. 397