College fees How they are Set

All College fees are set to recover the cost of regulating the profession of dietetics in Ontario in the interest of public protection.

Our regulatory obligations are stipulated in legislation by the provincial government within the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, and the Dietetics Act, 1991. This includes the activities of committees such as Registration, Quality Assurance, Patient Relations, Inquiries, Complaints and Reports, and Discipline, as well as administrative activities.
The College's Board sets the registration fees and approves the annual operating budget in keeping with its regulatory obligations. The Board is mindful to only increase fees as necessary to fulfill those obligations. The annual fee for 2024-25 is $667. The Board approved a fee increase of two per cent ($13) on March 22, 2024.

By law, health profession colleges in Ontario are all required to fulfill similar regulatory responsibilities. There may be some economies of scale when the number of registrants is large, resulting in lower annual registration fees for a small number of health regulatory colleges. 

Comparatively, the College’s annual registration fees align with other colleges of similar size and activities, such as the number of complaints and discipline cases received annually, and are considerably lower than many colleges. (Click on the following chart to expand.)

HPRO Fee Comparison Chart For a summary of how the College spends its funds, consult our Annual Reports.