Registrant fees and associated costs

The table below lists all the potential fees for registration and maintaining your membership with the College. Not all the fees listed apply to each member. Fees charged directly by the College are outlined in our Bylaw #2: Fees.

For information on how College fees are set, click here.

All fees must be paid in Canadian dollars.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, the College will only be accepting payments via credit card (Visa and Mastercard in CAD).
  • Credit cards must be in Canadian currency; debit cards are not accepted.
  • Prepaid credit cards (including those provided by Visa or Mastercard) are not accepted by our payment system and using them may cause processing delays.

Temporary Membership Fee (optional, non-refundable)
General Membership Fees

Your Initial General Membership Fee 

Your initial general membership fee will be calculated according to the number of months remaining in the College's membership year, which runs from November 1st to October 31st annually. This pro-rated fee applies to those who become General Members under the following circumstances:

  • After passing the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE)
  • Returning to practice after formerly being registered as a General Member with the College.
  • Labour Mobility - Registered as a Dietitian in another jurisdiction in Canada.

Annual Renewal Fee 

Each year, your membership fee is due on October 31.
Prorated portion of $641 (until October 31, 2023)

Prorated portion of $654 (beginning November 1, 2023)

$654 (beginning November 1, 2023)
Professional Liability Insurance
Upon registration with the College, you must have Liability Insurance in place if you intend to practice dietetics in Ontario. 

Variable – Not collected by the College

Labour Mobility Verification Form
For members of the College seeking registration in another jurisdiction. Please note that completed forms are only valid for 30 days; plan your application timelines with another regulator accordingly.


Verification Letters
For members of the College seeking a letter confirming membership history and conduct.


Reprinting Certificates of Registration
For members requesting a reprinting of their hard copy wall certificate.