Moving from Ontario

If you are planning to move away from Ontario or Canada to practice as a dietitian, you are responsible to contact the registration/licensing body in that jurisdiction to understand the requirements for registration and practice.

In Canada, there is a labour mobility agreement among the provinces,  which requires a provincial regulatory body to recognize the education and practical training qualifications of an applicant who is currently registered in another province. Although other registration requirements might apply in the province where you are moving, as long as you are a member in good standing in one province, the other provincial regulatory body cannot require you to undergo further assessment of your education and training (including the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination).

Other registration requirements may apply, such as: 

  • Criminal record checks; 
  • Proof of liability insurance; 
  • If your degree is from an unaccredited program, further academic assessment may be needed; or 
  • If you have not submitted original transcripts and internship completion documents to the College of Dietitians of Ontario , you may be asked to include them with your application to another jurisdiction. 

Labour Mobility Verification Form

To practice dietetics in another province in Canada, you must apply for registration with the dietetics regulatory body in that province. The regulatory body will require verification of your registration history in all other jurisdictions.

If you require the College to complete a Labour Mobility Verification Form (LMVF) as part of your application to another provincial regulator, please email The College charges a fee of $30 to complete this form. Please note that completed forms are only valid for 30 days; plan your application timelines with another regulator accordingly.

The form includes information about your registration history, any history of discipline or incapacity. In addition, the College will provide the regulatory body with copies of official documents related to your education, training, and the national registration examination.

For further information about registration requirements in another jurisdiction, please contact the appropriate regulatory body.

Moving is not the same as resigning

Even if you have moved outside of Ontario, or spoken with College staff about your plans to resign, you remain a member unless and until you formally resign.  The College will not resign your membership unless you submit a formal notice (online or in writing). Click here for more information on resigning from the College

Language Requirement for Quebec

Labour mobility laws permit Quebec to require French language proficiency for a full general certificate of registration. For more information about French language testing and conditions for obtaining a temporary certificate of registration in Quebec, please refer to l'Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec.