The College is required, by law, to maintain a current and complete Register of Dietitians, which is accessible to the public on its website. Members are responsible for ensuring that the information they have on file with the College, including name changes, is up to date.

 Having the correct name on the Register of Dietitians is important so that the public and employers can find information about a dietitian’s current registration status, employment, language of service, and discipline history. Anyone looking for a dietitian in Ontario should be able to easily find a dietitian’s name in the Register of Dietitians.


If your name changes for any reason, inform the College in writing (by email, fax or mail) within 30 days. This includes assuming a spouse’s name due to marriage, resuming a previous name due to separation or divorce and any other legal name changes. See scenarios for name changes here

Provide one or more supporting documents to confirm name change

A name change will only be accepted if supporting documentation demonstrates that the member has validly changed their name.

A record of the name change will be maintained in each member’s file. The member will be searchable on the public Register of Dietitians by their legal name, previous names and any nicknames, as applicable.

Name Used in Dietetic Practice

Also specify the name under which you practice dietetics. If you use a “nickname” (e.g. your name is Elizabeth but you are known as Liz), both names will appear on the Register of Dietitians: your nickname will appear in parentheses following your first name.

 Submit name change requests and supporting documentation electronically to:

College of Dietitians of Ontario
ATTN: Registration Program
175 Bloor Street East
Suite 601-North Tower
Toronto, ON M4W 3R8