CDO’s Board Approves By-Law Amendments to Governance Structure

Posted: July 28, 2023

Publié le 28 July 2023

CDO and its Board reviewed system partner feedback, and recently approved proposed amendments to By-law 1, which will allow the College to modernize its governance structure.

The College of Dietitians of Ontario undertook a consultation with system partners to obtain feedback on proposed changes to By-Law 1, regarding governance structure

During the mid-June meetings, the Board moved to approve the following amendments to its governance structure, which are reflective of modern governance practices, and are intended to strengthen public trust in the regulatory framework.   

  1. The amalgamation of electoral districts to a single electoral district by 2025 and the elimination of nominators for electoral candidates;  
  2. High standards for Board directors, including the adoption of a competency and attribute framework for prospective Board directors;  
  3. A gradual reduction in the number of professional members to the Board to achieve a greater balance between professional and public directors; and  
  4. A commitment to diversity on the Board and College Committees. 

The consultation feedback was generally supportive of the proposed governance changes. There were three overarching themes to the feedback: 
1.  Geographic diversity should be maintained.  
Equal representation from all areas of Ontario was identified as a priority to some respondents due to the different client needs found across the province. There were recommendations to preserve geographical diversity.   

The board recognizes that geographical diversity and practice experience are important factors in board composition, and both will be considered in the Board director election screening process and in committee appointments. Additionally, the College will create targeted communications about elections and appointments to RDs in rural areas and will continue to examine barriers to participation.  

2. There is strong support for high standards for Board directors. 

The feedback signaled support for establishing high standards and a rigorous selection process for Board directors. Respondents were also in favour of moving towards a competency and attribute-based Board.  

3. Diversity on the Board is a priority. 

While geographical diversity was highlighted, so too were other types of diversity, including professional background and experience with different socio-economic populations.

Good governance is at the heart of effective professional regulation and decision-making in the public interest. The College of Dietitians of Ontario regulates dietitians for public protection.