CDO Bids Farewell to Three Outstanding Board Directors

Posted: July 21, 2023

Publié le 21 July 2023

The College of Dietitians of Ontario bids farewell to three esteemed board members, Kerri LaBrecque, Lesia Kicak, and Israel Ogbechie, acknowledging their significant contributions to advancing the profession of dietetics and promoting excellence in public protection.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing directors of CDO’s Board, who have played pivotal roles in shaping the organization's progress and success. Through their unwavering dedication and expertise, these individuals have fostered a thriving environment for quality assurance in dietetics and public protection for the province of Ontario.

Firstly, we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to Kerri LaBrecque, who has been with us since 2015, serving on the Board since 2017, and Chair of the Board from 2021 – 2023. She has been a member of the Audit, Executive, Professional Practice, ICR, Discipline, Fitness to Practise, and Registrar Performance and Compensation Review Committees. Kerri’s leadership and guidance were critical in a period of transition at the College. She marked her time with us as a champion of the public interest and risk-based decision making.

Next, the College acknowledges the valuable contributions of Lesia Kicak, who began working with us in 2008 and served as Board President from 2009-2011 and 2019 – 2021. During this time, Lesia has served on the Audit, Executive, Discipline, Fitness to Practice, ICR, Professional Practice, Registration, Quality Assurance and Registrar Performance & Compensation Review Committees. Lesia has brought a wealth of leadership experience, knowledge of the dietetic profession, and passion for public protection to CDO. As the Board President during the pandemic, Lesia was integral to the strategic decisions made by CDO that helped to bolster our healthcare system by ensuring dietitians were ready and available to contribute during the crisis.

Lastly, the College bids farewell to Israel Ogbechie, who was appointed to CDO’s Board in November 2021 and served on the Audit, Executive, Elections, Discipline, Fitness to Practise, Patient Relations, Professional Practice, Registration, and Registrar Performance and Review Committees. As a chartered accountant and entrepreneur, Israel applied his leadership, management, and coaching experience to CDO work. As a member of the Professional Practice Committee, Israel was involved in developing the position statement and practice guidelines for insulin adjustments.

The impact of  Kerri LaBrecque, Lesia Kicak, and Israel Ogbechie’s leadership will continue to shape the dietetics landscape in Ontario for years to come.

The College of Dietitians of Ontario remains committed to upholding the highest standards of practice and advancing the field of dietetics, as it welcomes new members to the Board of Directors, who will carry forward the torch of excellence ignited by these individuals.