Committee Appointments - Welcoming Three New Members

Posted: July 17, 2023

Publié le 17 July 2023

The College introduces three new members to our Council's committees.

Three highly accomplished dietitians will be joining their colleagues on the College’s committees this year. These individuals bring a wealth of expertise and experience to their respective roles, further strengthening the College's commitment to quality assurance in dietetics and public protection.


Sasha Miles, RD is an experienced dietitian with a profound understanding of policy development and regulatory frameworks. Sasha’s expertise as a Director of Clinical and Integrated Education at Unity Health in Toronto will be invaluable as the ICRC continues to shape policies that uphold the highest standards of dietetic practice.


Arundhati Joshi, RD brings a wealth of program and curriculum development experience as a Senior Manager of Inspirator Performance at Newtopia Inc. in Toronto. Her strong leadership skills and innovative approaches will play a pivotal role in continuing to meet the College’s mandate and its commitment to equitable care in dietetics.


Riley Aldrich, RD is an esteemed researcher and educator in the field of diabetes health. Riley’s extensive knowledge as a clinic lead and educator in Thunder Bay demonstrates her dedication to advancing evidence-based practice in dietetics. This will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing the quality of professional practice within our College.

Committees are composed of Board directors and appointed members of the profession. These new committee members, alongside our existing dedicated professionals, will collaborate to advance the mandate and strategic goals of the College. We anticipate their valuable contributions and the positive impact they will make on CDO committees and the dietetic community at large.

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