The fitness to Practise committee and Incapacity

The Fitness to Practise Committee and Incapacity

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) can refer a dietitian to the Fitness to Practise Committee for an incapacity hearing if it believes that a dietitian has a mental or physical health condition that affects their ability to practise safely. The ICRC will act immediately if it believes urgent intervention is needed to protect the public from harm. In the interest of public safety, the ICRC can make an order to suspend the dietitian’s certificate, or impose terms, conditions, and limitations without advising the dietitian in advance.

The Incapacity Hearing

The responsibility of the Fitness to Practise Committee is to make sure that all incapacity matters have a fair review. A Panel of the Fitness to Practise Committee will conduct a formal hearing, which is usually closed to the public unless the dietitian requests an open hearing.

If the Panel finds the dietitian is incapacitated, it may:

  • Revoke the dietitian’s certificate of registration.

  • Suspend the dietitian’s certificate of registration.

  • Impose terms, conditions, and limitations on the dietitian’s certificate of registration for a specified or indefinite period.

Appeals of Fitness to Practise Committee’s decisions may be made on application to the Superior Court of Justice (Divisional Court of Ontario).