Regulation Matters 2021 - Issue 2, September

CDO Annual Workshops – Register now for Ethics and Professionalism: Unconscious Bias

The exceptional impact of COVID-19 has brought attention to insidious and deep-rooted inequities in the Canadian health care system. As regulated health professionals, we acknowledge that systemic racism and discrimination exist in dietetics, and this directly impacts client-centred care.

The College of Dietitians of Ontario is pleased to present this year’s annual workshop, Ethics and Professionalism: Unconscious Bias, with special guest Dr. Javeed Sukhera. The workshop will be held virtually in small- and large-group sessions from October 2021 to December 2021.

Dr. Sukhera will examine unconscious bias to help dietitians and students engage in dialogue, identify inherent beliefs and biases that underpin decisions, and implement strategies to support safe, competent, and ethical dietetic services. Dietitians are expected to use their judgment to form opinions and make good decisions when practising dietetics. 

Join us for a small or large group workshop with a presentation by Dr. Sukhera followed by practice scenarios where we will collectively learn about strategies to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias in dietetic practice.

Information on the Small and Large Group Sessions

Option 1. Small-Group Session — 1.5-Hour Facilitated Discussion

Attendance is limited to 24 participants for each session.  20 sessions will be offered. If you prefer to be involved in small group discussions, select this option.

Depending on what you choose, other participants and the Practice Advisors will be able to see and hear you. You may choose:
  • Webcam and microphone (i.e., if you would like to be seen on-screen); or
  • Leave your webcam off, and participate via computer audio; or
  • Call in by phone.

Option 2: Large Group Session — 1.5-Hour Facilitated Discussion

Attendance is limited to 300 participants for each session. Three sessions will be offered.

If you prefer to observe and listen, select this session. You may participate through a chat/question feature but will not require a webcam or microphone to participate. However, you will not be on screen; audio lines will be muted, and participants will not be able to see or hear others.

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