Regulation Matters 2018 - Issue 2

Council Meeting Highlights

September 21, 2018

Council Member Education Session on Governance

One of the biggest governance challenges for Council and committee members of colleges is applying general governance principles to specific situations, especially where exceptions apply. Richard Steinecke, LLB, led a discussion on this topic at a Council member education session. General principles and scenarios were given about the topics relating to confidentiality, conflict of interest and appearance of bias, the role of council members and liability. Council members were asked to apply the general principles to various hypothetical situations.

Collaborative Care Professional Practice Guidelines for Registered Dietitians

Council approved, in principle, the proposed Collaborative Care Professional Practice Guidelines for Registered Dietitians for consultation with members. The purpose of the guidelines is to clarify the expectations and behaviours that a dietitian must know when working in collaborative care teams and environments.

Insulin Adjustments Position Statement

Council was asked for direction to help inform the creation a position statement on Insulin Adjustments and the Dietetic Scope of Practice in Ontario. A robust and valuable discussion ensued to clarify the varying insulin adjustment activities that RDs are involved in and how this fits within dietetic practice. Several questions remained on whether insulin adjustments fell under the controlled act of prescribing and what the definition of “nutrition means” includes under the dietetic scope of practice statement within the Dietetics Act, 1991. Council suggested convening an Insulin Adjustments Working Group to provide expertise in this area. College staff will propose a plan for moving forward with this work for Council review.