Regulation Matters 2022 - Issue 1, May

Updating Your Profile Within 30 Days of Any Changes

Dietitians are required to inform the College, as soon as possible and within 30 days of any changes, of information required in the College’s Public Register of Dietitians and information that may impact a dietitian's good conduct and suitability to practice. These professional obligations are articulated within the Professional Misconduct Regulation and the Registration Regulation under the Dietetics Act, 1991.

Dietitians must also have a current and accessible email on file with the College, as email is our primary mode of communication. Keeping your email address current ensures you receive College notices to meet your professional obligations on time.

Why is Updating Your Member Profile in a Timely Manner Important?

The College is legislatively required to maintain an accurate Register of Dietitians and make the Register available to the public on our website. Having up-to-date practice information from Registered Dietitians ensures that the public is able to access current and accurate information about members.

While annual renewal serves as a mechanism for members to update their College profile information, and ensures that only those who are registered with the College may continue to practise as a dietitian in Ontario, changes to members’ profiles likely occur regularly throughout the membership year, not just at renewal.

Barriers to Updating Member Profile Survey

To help identify any barriers that members may have to update their profiles and self-reporting obligations in a timely manner, the College sent out a survey to all temporary and general members from May 6 to June 4, 2021. A total of 726 responses (17% of total membership) were received. The survey responses clearly indicated that members were aware of their professional obligations to update their member profiles, but that this was not top of mind outside of renewal.
Starting December 2021, the College will send out quarterly reminder emails to all to update profiles within 30 days of any changes.

How to Update Your Member Profile

Log into your Member dashboard. Under the Update my Profile section on the lefUpdate-my-profile-screenshot.pngt-hand side you’ll see options to update the various components of your College profile.

For information on updating your contact information, please click here. For information on other mandatory and self-reporting obligations, please click here.