Regulation Matters 2019 - Issue 1

Update on OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare

April 1, 2019, the government implemented changes to the current OHIP+ program affecting children and youth (defined as 24 years of age and under). Dietitians should familiarize themselves with changes to OHIP+ and understand the program as applicable to their dietetic practice.

What are the changes to OHIP+?

Children and youth who are OHIP-insured, but who do not have a private drug plan, will continue to receive coverage for eligible prescription medications through OHIP+.

Children and youth with a private drug plan are no longer eligible for OHIP+ and can access prescribed medications through their private drug plans. Therefore, the cost of the nutritional products or nutrition-related prescription drugs (e.g. motility agents, enzymes, insulin regimens, etc.) may or may not be covered for dietetic clients depending on their individual drug plan.

Other Coverage Available

Households with high out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses, that include children and youth who are covered under a private plan, can apply to the Trillium Drug Program (TDP). The TDP is available to all OHIP-insured Ontarians who have high prescription drug costs compared to their household income. To find out more about the Trillium Drug Program please visit:

Children and youth who are eligible for the Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB) through other eligibility criteria such as social assistance or home care, will continue to receive prescription medications through ODB, regardless of whether they have a private drug plan.

For more information on updates to OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare please visit: