Help Us Redevelop the Peer & Practice Assessment Process

Posted: September 1, 2022

Publié le 1 September 2022

CDO and Rigor are partnering to redevelop the Quality Assurance PPA. 

The survey is now closed.

Thank you for your feedbak and collaboration, the results are forthcoming. 

The College of Dietitians is partnering with Rigor to redevelop the Peer and Practice Assessment (PPA), focusing on Step 1 Multi-Source Feedback component of the Quality Assurance (QA) program. Rigor is a research and consulting company specializing in professional self-regulation and QA research.
Our goal is to co-design with members a meaningful and practical approach to the PPA that would align with right-touch regulation. Think of “right touch” as finding perfect balance on a set of scales, through which the right amount of regulation is precisely what is needed within a profession to achieve the desired effect.
Members should have received an email invitation to participate in an online survey to share their vision, understanding, expectations and experience to maintain professional competence in our rapidly changing environment. The consultation offers anonymous, aggregate survey results and the opportunities to provide feedback that will be helpful in the continuous development of the QA program.

​Questions or suggestions about the project?
Please email Igor Gontcharov, PhD, Research Lead at Rigor,

Questions about the Professional Practice Program - Quality Assurance?
Please reach out to or 416-598-1725/1-800-668-4990, ext. 233/4.

We look forward to learning more about your perspectives and developing the new QA process together!