CDO Submits Proposed Emergency Class of Registration Regulations

Posted: May 30, 2023

Publié le 30 May 2023

Based on consultation feedback, CDO's Board and Registration Committee has approved shortening the proposed Emergency Class timelines.

To comply with the Registration Requirements Regulation under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, the College’s proposed Emergency Class of Registration was submitted to the Ministry of Health on May 1, 2023.
“The College’s proposed Emergency Class strives to balance the provincial government’s expectations with ensuring that all those registered in this class can practise dietetics safely and ethically in the interest of public protection,” explains Deborah Cohen, Director of Registration at CDO. “These proposed changes give us the opportunity to be a responsive regulator to meet the needs of the health-care system during emergency circumstances.”
Based on the consultation feedback, the Registration Committee and the College’s Board approved shortening the Emergency Class timelines as originally proposed. These changes specify:
  • The duration and renewal of a certificate in the Emergency Class is six months (versus 12 months).
  • An Emergency Class Certificate of Registration expires 30 days (versus 6 months) after the emergency is declared over by the Ministry of Health and/or CDO’s Board.
  • A registrant in the Emergency Class can transfer to the Temporary Class and be issued a Temporary Certificate of Registration for 16 months, which is the current duration of a Temporary Certificate (versus 24 months).
  • The Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination would remain a non-exemptible registration requirement prior to moving into the General Class, and registrants would still have flexibility on determining their first writing of the exam.  
For more information on the College’s proposed Emergency Class of Registration, click here.
2019 Proposed Amendments to the Registration Regulation
CDO also submitted the 2019 proposed amendments to the Registration Regulation (alongside the Emergency Class) that were on hold due to changes in Ministry of Health staffing and pandemic priorities.