Regulation Matters 2021 - Issue 2, September

College Council Election Results

Photo-Kerri-LaBrecque-border-300px.jpgThe College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO) is pleased to announce the election of Kerri LaBrecque, RD as Council President, and the election of the Council Executive Committee for 2021-22.
“It’s a great honour to be elected by my colleagues to serve as President of College Council,” said Kerri, who was elected on June 17, 2021. “We’re entering a pivotal time in the College’s history as we implement the strategic priorities outlined in our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, and embark on a new phase of governance modernization, as we update the College’s governance model in accordance with evidence-based practices.”
Kerri was first elected to Council in 2019. As Councillor, she was involved in developing the College’s four-year strategic plan, and has served on the Audit Committee, the Registrar Performance & Compensation Review Committee, and most recently on the Registrar Recruitment Committee.
“Serving on Council has been a valuable experience and I’m very proud of the work that Council does in the name of public protection,” said Kerri. “Council supports the operations of the College to ensure that the public is served by dietitians who are committed to delivering safe, ethical and competent dietetic services.”
The newly elected Executive Committee members of Council for 2021-22 are:
Kerri LaBrecque, RD – President
Denis Tsang, RD – Vice-President
Lesia Kicak, RD – Executive Member
Israel Ogbechie, Public Member – Executive Member 

Welcome Anahita (Ana) Djalilvand, RD

Photo-Djalilvand-border-300px.jpgIn addition to the recently announced elections of Karine Depuis Pominville, RD and Julie Slack, MSc, RD, the College welcomes Anahita (Ana) Djalilvand, RD to Council. Ana began her career as a registered dietitian in 2018 in clinical nutrition. She gained experience in acute care before transitioning into outpatient cancer care. In this role, she provides nutrition care and counselling to patients across the continuum of the cancer experience.
Ana graduated from Brescia University College in 2016 with a BSc in Foods and Nutrition. Two years later, she completed her dietetic internship and master of science degree (MSc) in foods and nutrition at Western University. During her graduate studies, she examined the relationship between extracurricular experiential learning activities and entry-level dietetic competency development. She gained in-depth knowledge on the standards for safe, ethical, and competent practice and evaluating dietetic competency. This research experience will allow her to bring a unique perspective as a Council member.
Providing meaningful contributions to the communities she is part of has always been important to Ana. She has gained invaluable experiences from her volunteer work with children, young adults, and marginalized communities. She is very eager for this opportunity to work on the College Council and committees, so she can continue to contribute to the profession and public.  

Farewell to Council Members
We wish to thank Trina Pearson, RD; Teresa Taillefer, RD; and Elizabeth (Liz) Wood, public member, for the dedication, wisdom and knowledge they brought to College work.
Trina was an elected member of Council from 2018-2021. She served on the Quality Assurance, ICRC, and Discipline/Fitness to Practise committees. Teresa was an elected member of Council from 2018-2021. She served on the Audit, Discipline/Fitness to Practise, ICRC, Legislative Issues, Patient Relations, and RPCRC committees. In 2019 and 2020, Teresa also served on the Executive Committee.
Elizabeth Wood was appointed to a one-year term in December 2020. She served on the Discipline/Fitness to Practise, ICRC, Registration, Quality Assurance, and RPCRC committees. We wish Trina, Teresa, and Elizabeth well in their endeavours.
Council is composed of 15 members: eight councillors who are Registered Dietitians elected by members of the College and seven public councillors approved by Order in Council. Together, they set the direction for the College's work and make decisions in the best interest of the public. To learn more, visit the CDO Council section of our website.