Welcome toNew dietitians

Congratulations to all new dietitians who have met the entry-to-practice requirements for registration with the College.

Professional self-regulation is a great privilege that comes with significant responsibilities. A system of self-regulation only works when it enjoys the confidence of the public. To maintain this trust and protect the public, the College is dedicated to ensuring that dietitians are aware of their ethical, legal and professional obligations.

Know your obligations 

You are responsible for ensuring that you are aware of your professional obligations.  As a first step, review the information and links on this page, then take time to review the rest of the website and become familiar with the resources created by the College.  

You are responsible for ensuring that the contact information you have on file with the College is up to date. If your email address, telephone number or mailing address changes, you must notify the College within 30 days.  Not receiving correspondence from the College is never an acceptable excuse for missing a deadline or for not complying with a College requirement. For more information, in the right hand menu, click on Maintaining Your Membership.

If you are practicing dietetics in any capacity, you must have insurance.  This requirement applies even if you are:

  • Practicing outside of Ontario
  • Not working directly with patients
  • Doing volunteer work

Click here for more information regarding the requirement for liability insurance. 

All members are required to participate in the Quality Assurance Program, regardless of their area of practice or employment status.  This also includes members who work outside of Ontario. 

Only members who have signed a voluntary undertaking with the College are exempt from the Quality Assurance Program.

Visit the Quality Assurance section of this website for more information on the various components of the Quality Assurance Program and how they contribute to public protection.

The Practice Advisory Program supports compliance with standards, provides advice, assistance and education to members on practice issues such as standards, laws, ethics and regulations.

It provides the following services:

  • One-to-one advice to members
  • Practice articles published in résumé and other publications
  • Workshops/presentations to members, students and interns
  • Online and webcast resources

Click here for more information on the College’s Practice Advisory Program.

You must renew your certificate of registration each year in order to continue practicing as a dietitian in Ontario. Click here for more information about what is involved in maintaining your membership through annual renewal. 

The Register of Dietitians allows anyone to confirm whether a person is a member of the College, to learn a dietitian’s employment information, registration status and discipline history.

Current and previous members can verify their registration history with the College by looking themselves up on the online Register of Dietitians. A registration history includes when you initially became registered as a dietitian in Ontario, along with any applicable resignations, suspensions, and revocations.

Click here to learn what information is made available to the public on the Register of Dietitians.

Mandatory reporting and mandatory self-reporting are the legal obligations for all regulated health professionals in Ontario, including dietitians. For more information, click "Mandatory Reporting" in the right hand menu.