Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, and the Business Corporations Act, 1990, regulated health professionals are permitted to incorporate for the purpose of practicing a health profession. Dietitians who wish to establish and practice under a health profession corporation, must obtain a Certificate of Authorization for a Professional Corporation from the College.

Conditions and Requirements for a Professional Health Corporation

  • All of the issued and outstanding shares of the corporation shall be legally and beneficially owned, directly or indirectly, by dietitians, who hold a certificate of registration issued by the College;
  • All officers and directors of the corporation must be shareholder dietitians of the corporation;
  • The articles of the professional corporation must indicate that the corporation cannot carry on a business other than the profession of dietetics and activities related to or ancillary to dietetics; and
  • The name of the corporation must include the words "Professional Corporation" and comply with the rules respecting the names of professional corporations.
For more details, refer to the Guide to an Application for a Certificate of Authorization for Health Profession Corporations.

Application and Fees

To establish and practise under a dietetic professional corporation, dietitians must directly submit the Application form for a Certificate of Authorization for a Professional Corporation to the College, and pay an application fee, and an initial certificate of authorization.


As per section 14 of College Bylaw No. 1: General a health professional corporation must notify the College within 30 days of any changes to information, including (but not limited to):

  • the title or office held by each director and officer of the corporation;
  • the registered office address of the corporation;
  • the address and telephone number of locations where the corporation regularly provides dietetic services, other than client or residences; and
  • the description of the dietetic professional activities of the corporation.
In addition, a health profession corporation must notify the College within ten (10) days of the effective date of any change in shareholders of the corporation.

Annual Renewal

The Certificate of Authorization must be renewed annually for dietitians to maintain and practise under a dietetic professional corporation. This corporation renewal requirement is separate from a dietitian’s individual annual renewal obligations.

Legal or accounting advice Not Provided

The College in unable to provide legal or accounting advice. We recommend that dietitians looking to establish a dietetic professional corporation review the resource links below and seek individualized advice from a lawyer and/or accountant.


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