Emma Kaye

I am writing to declare my interest in a position on the Board. Given my experience in multiple professional and volunteer positions, I believe I have the skills and knowledge required to excel in this position.

I have had the opportunity to graduate from the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition program at Acadia University and complete my Dietetic Practicum. I gained immense knowledge through this program.

Upon completing my practicum, I began working as a Registered Dietitian in Long Term Care, followed by employment at a clinic offering virtual nutrition counseling. Additionally, I have held two coordinator positions. These positions have helped me build a diverse collection of strengths from which I could further build on in this position. These roles taught me how to work well under pressure and communicate effectively with both team members and customers. Working in these varied positions has also allowed me to recognize and respect the roles of coworkers. Currently, I am in the role of Wellness and Sustainability Coordinator with Algonquin College. This role has provided the opportunity to get involved in student life and understand the post-secondary system.

I have been lucky to learn many transferable skills that can be beneficial in a position on the Board and gain experience in a variety of capacities.

Altruism is a large part of my life, and for many years I have been motivated to and coordinate many volunteer programs that have embedded the importance and giving back to my community to ensure the success and continuance of these programs.

To conclude, my abilities extend past my experiences as I am willing and eager to learn in this position. I feel having a younger member would provide invaluable insight to the Board.