Irene Zhu

I am honored to announce my candidacy for a position as a board member of the College of Dietitians (CDO). As a dietitian and researcher, I have continually strived for excellence in patient care, education, and public health. From clinical settings to community outreach programs, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that dietitians can have on individuals' lives. With a deep-rooted passion for promoting health and wellness through nutrition for individuals and communities, coupled with clinical experience in the field, I am committed to serving our profession by assuring safe, quality, and ethical standards of practice for the public. Whether it be my experiences managing budgets, grants, investments, through academic, profit, and non-profit institutions, or critical analysis developed through life sciences research, business, and policy working groups, I am eager to bring this dedication and expertise to the governance of our esteemed institution. I recognize the paramount importance of the College's mandate to protect the public and public interest.

As a board member, I will dedicate my time to offer my services to further CDO initiatives that ensure the safety and well-being of the public. If elected, I pledge to uphold the highest ethical standards and work tirelessly to consider a lens of equity, diversity and inclusion by considering the geographic, ethnic, and socio-economic diverse needs and perspectives of our members.