Teresa Maiorano

As a candidate in this upcoming election, my aspiration to serve stems from a profound commitment to public protection and welfare. This is driving by a combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and attributes that equip me to make meaningful contributions to our community's well-being.
First and foremost, my knowledge in governance provides a solid foundation for effective leadership and partnership. Through my extensive 6 year volunteer commitment as an executive member of the non-profit Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Parent council, I have developed a strong understanding of the complex issues facing our community, particularly those concerning public safety and protection.
Moreover, my diverse skill set positions me as a capable advocate. I have strong communication and written skills, that allow me to articulate concerns, propose solutions, and engage with diverse stakeholders effectively. Additionally, my analytical abilities enable me to assess situations critically and develop strategies to address challenges proactively.
In terms of attributes, I possess a strong sense of empathy and integrity, recognizing the importance of representing and safeguarding the interests of the public. I am also resilient and adaptable, ready to confront obstacles head-on and evolve in response to changing circumstances.
Above all, I am dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive, and thriving environment where every individual can flourish free from harm or injustice. The code of conduct is not a way of behaving in the boardroom but rather, a behaviour that I adhere to all in my activities of daily living.
In conclusion, my decision to run in this election is driven by a sincere desire to serve and protect the public interest. With a robust foundation of knowledge, skills, experience, attributes, and an unwavering commitment to public protection, I am ready to step forward as a candidate dedicated to making a positive difference in our community.